Open Doors. Open Minds. Open Hearts.


Grace offers forgiveness and understanding. We offer grace because we have been given grace, and because we trust God is always working.


God’s story is a vital part of our learning and growing. Everyone has their own story with a past that has shaped us, a present that is who we are now, and a future story yet to be told. You’re story matters.


Church is community and family. Church is finding “your people” and showing up for each other in meaningful ways. Life is beautiful together!


We will not make decisions based on what will make us most comfortable. We are willing to take risks and live by faith. To love people the way Christ calls us to will mean taking risks and trusting God.


God becomes one of us. God is with us and for us. As followers of Jesus, we respond in kind and join others when they are hurt and in need.


We are a safe and radically welcoming community, especially to those who have been told they are unworthy of love and acceptance. We invite everyone into full participation in our church not in spite of who they are, but because of it.


Jesus modeled generous hospitality, as did the early church, and we wish to do the same. We open the doors of our church building, and most importantly, our hearts.


Questions and doubts are not a threat. In fact, they are required to grow. We encourage your questions and look to grow together in our faith.

Way of Jesus

Jesus is our center. His life, teaching, death, and resurrection guide all things. He is what draws us together, and we are committed to the WAY of Jesus.