What should I wear to your worship gathering?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. That is what we all do.

What is your music like?

We use a mix of instruments (guitar, bass, drums). You might hear rock and folk in the same worship set. Some songs may be upbeat and some reflective. We can be a little loud, but we don’t think we are too loud. The goal is truly to help our community enter into worship through song. Our voices are the most important instrument.

Can anyone take communion?

Our communion is totally open to anyone who would like to remember and reflect on and encounter Jesus through the Eucharist.

Will you officiate weddings?

Yes, our Pastor will officiate weddings. Gay, straight or otherwise, feel free to reach out to Pastor Chad at chadmagerservices@gmail.com.  Coming in the near future (2024?), LoveMarq Church will be able to host your wedding ceremony and smaller reception in our newly renovated facilities.

If you have any other questions please reach out to us. We’d be happy to reply with a simple email or plan a time to sit down and talk. Contact us